Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day at the Zoo

A few weeks ago, just before school let out for the summer, I had the great luck to act as a chaperone for my daughter's first grade field trip to the zoo. That was such a great day!

The field trip was the last week of May, but where we live the weather is often cool and rainy up through the first of July. This day was no exception to that. We were lucky to not get much rain while we were there; just a cool breezy day.

Princess on the bus heading down to the zoo:

She generally loves to have her picture taken, but that day she just wanted to get moving toward the animals, so this was the best I could get with my phone:

One of her favorite parts of the field trip was watching the new baby elephant, Lily, playing with her family.

She is also a big fan of the giraffes:

But her favorite part of all? The lorikeets! Feeding them little cups of nectar while they flew over her head and sat on her arm was the big shining highlight of the day.

For lunch I packed a little wild safari in an EasyLunchbox:

Grapes and strawberries are being watched over by the sweet little giraffe, with some cheese sticks and Pirate's Booty. 

A little lion stalks the plains of her gluten-free turkey sandwich, while a zebra runs through the broccoli and mandarin orange segments. For a snack she had a Chobani Champions Greek yogurt tube.

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