Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random Grown-Up Lunches

Today was the last day of school for four of my kiddos! I had this cool lunch idea all planned out, with flip flops and sunglasses and all sorts of fun stuff. But then I realized that the kids had a half day (a lot of them in a row, actually), so no lunch at school. And then I thought I could just do it for at home, but then I got stuck running errands all day and only swinging home really quick to pick them up just as school let out before running back out again.

So instead of a fun Last Day of School lunch, I am making pizza (with gluten-free mini pizzas for Beaker) and popcorn with root beer floats for dinner and renting a movie for a fun family night tonight. And instead of a fun Last Day of School lunch post, here is a quick post with a few of the random lunches I have packed for the Dude and myself recently:

This one is the Dude declared to be one of his favorites. It's a salad of mixed spring greens with pepper smoked salmon and provolone cheese stars. He also has rice crackers with some soft jalapeno cheese spread and two mini chocolate bars.

The salad also has carrot and bell pepper stars for a little extra flavor, and Caeser dressing on the side.

This one is a little random. It has some crunchy kettle chips, a fruit salad of grapes and cantaloupe, and a main dish of fried rice with skewers of salami.

I thought the fried rice and salami flavors together would be a little odd, but the Dude said they were pretty good together. Go figure!

One for me! This lunch has Van's multigrain crackers, funny-face hard boiled egg halves, a peeled clementine, a handful of grapes, and some cucumber rolls ~ cucumber pieces cut in half, with the seeds removed, filled with cream cheese and stuffed with rolled up roasted turkey lunch meat. They were delicious!

Silly egg faces! The addition of a tiny bit of nori and a sprinkle of sea salt made the hard boiled egg taste delicious.

"Oh, dang. I'm out of bread. No sandwich then. Hmmm... hey, I'll just wrap it all up in lettuce leaves!"

And it worked! The leaves cracked in the center a little when I rolled them up, but they were pretty tasty. I stuffed them with a little creamy Caesar and a little spicy mustard, thin sliced roast beef, provolone cheese, and some bell peppers, then topped them with golden and red cherry tomato halves.

On the side is a handful of kettle chips, cucumber slices with creamy cheese spread, and fresh blackberries with cantaloupe chunks.

Speaking of random lunches...

This is one I packed when I looked in the fridge and realized it was probably time to hit the grocery store again. A little random, but it worked out pretty well. This lunch has a basic Caesar salad ~ romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing on the side ~ and a hard boiled egg, cheese stuffed green olives, leftover gluten-free cheese pasta bake, some Van's multigrain crackers with Laughing Cow cheese wedges, a handful of Trader Joe's jalapeno cheese curls, and a few Thin Mints cookies, all packed in a Laptop Lunches box. Okay, it's a little more than a little random. But the Dude ate it all and didn't complain! Better than no lunch, right?

We have some fun plans for summer, so maybe I'll have some of those to share later! I'm off to enjoy Fun Family Celebration Night with my kids for now!

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  1. What did you use to make the faces on the hard-boiled egg halves?

    1. The faces were made using nori (dried seaweed) and a puncher like this: http://www.allthingsforsale.com/bento-accessory/1607-japanese-bento-nori-cutter-seaweed-cutter-happy-face-4984343873940.html&aff=chaosandconfections :)


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