Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pretty Layered Sandwiches

These open faced layered sandwiches look super fancy, but are actually pretty easy to make.

All you need is lunchmeat, preferably in more than one color or shade, cheese, one slice of bread per sandwich, and a set of cookie cutters in multiple sizes.

Using the largest cookie cutter, pop out the shape in the bread. Cut cheese and bread in graduated sizes, then stack them up. For this lunch, I tucked grapes and carrots around the sandwich, with an extra layer of grapes underneath.

Honey-wheat pretzels and a soft cheese wedge round out the lunch.

This lunch is the same ingredients, but a different cutter shape.

The cookie cutters aren't terribly expensive either. I think the set for this sandwich was only $2 for 6 sizes.

For a different take on the fancy sandwich theme, I made these simple rolls. They are made by laying a slice of cheese on top of ham lunchmeat, rolling up, and slicing.

Included in this lunch is cantaloupe, grapes, and star shaped crackers.

For the smaller appetite, Beaker has a pair of tiny flowers made with turkey and bologne, topped with a little bit of melty cheese.

He also has GF cheese crackers, halved grapes, and cantaloupe pieces.

For flavor and to keep the sandwiches from shifting, I put a little dab of mustard or mayo between each layer of the sandwiches, or warmed the sandwiches a tiny bit to melt the cheese just a touch.

My kids love these little layered sandwiches, and I love how easy they are to make. Double WIN!

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