Friday, May 17, 2013

Resistance is Futile.

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I am a geek. For anyone who knows me, or has ever read this blog before, this comes as no surprise. I was geek before geek was chic! 

But I must confess. I am not really a Star Trek fan.

I know! Shocking! What kind of a geek doesn't do Star Trek?! It isn't that I dislike the shows. On the contrary - the ones I have seen have been quite good. It just hasn't drawn me in. The Dude, on the other hand, IS a big Star Trek fan. His favorite is Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have seen a good number of episodes with him, enough to have a certain level of appreciation for the show and franchise. At some point I will sit down with him and watch the entire ST:TNG series start to finish, I promise. I just haven't been converted into a total fan yet.

However, I AM a big fan of George Takei. The original Mr. Sulu!

Besides being a geek legend and an internet superstar with a fantastic sense of humor, the man has done some amazing social work. He has used his fame to turn the bright, shiny spotlight on LGBT rights and on the history of Japanese internment camps in the US. He is nothing short of awesome.

Mr. Sulu, thanks for everything you do!

"It's OK to be Takei" pepper jack cheese letters on steamed rice with baked salmon.

I do kind of love this. It is Takei's insignia painted with edible dye on cheese.

"Oh myyy!" kiwi slices and raspberries. There are also a few chocolate espresso beans from a local gourmet shop tucked in there as a sweet surprise.

Veggie rainbow! Red, orange, and yellow sweet bell peppers with cucumber slices and a purple packet of soy sauce for the salmon and rice.

Bonus lunch! I packed this one for him yesterday:

IceBorg (Heh. See what I did there?) and grilled chicken Caesar salad with red and golden cherry tomatoes and pepper jack cheese spelling out the infamous Borg motto: Resistance is futile. He also has bold guacamole (with tortilla chips in a separate container) and sliced apples and plums.

And as a special fun treat, want to win a nifty prize? Of course you do! Enter below for a chance to win this Star Trek tumbler and set of four cupcake rings!

** Congratulations to Kimberly W! You have won the giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered! **

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Both lunches were packed in my favorite Easy Lunchboxes, which can be found at Amazon here:

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  1. That insignia is so cool! I love both lunches, great job! Awesome give-away too :)

  2. Brilliant!! The rainbow insignia is so awesome! :D

  3. That insignia is outstanding! What detail!

  4. I'm so infatuated with your Takei lunch it's not even funny.

  5. Oh, Myyy! These are great, and Ice-Borg...ha! I love it!!!

  6. So much to love in these lunches!

  7. I love it. Especially the rainbow insignia

  8. Thanks for the compliments :D

    The Dude just pointed out to me that the Borg didn't appear until ST:TNG and the Star Trek logo and the Enterprise on the rings are both from the original series. He says I have broken a cardinal geek law by mixing the series' and shall be punished by being forced to watch every Star Trek movie ever made. Please send kettle corn and Raisinettes. I could be here awhile.


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