Monday, August 19, 2013

Ninja Buns

A lunch for me! Pretzel bun-pastrami sandwich with broccoli, snap peas, ranch for dipping, and some kiwi slices.

Not only do these pretzel buns taste delicious... they're also ninjas!

The addition of a pair of candy eyes turns a regular pretzel bun into a ninja, hiding in the broccoli and snap pea bushes, just waiting for a chance to attack. Princess LOVED this lunch. Usually she eats only a little of her lunch at school or when we're out and saves the rest to eat when she gets home. She would rather talk and play at lunch time than eat. But this lunch she ate almost the whole thing, because "It was a ninja, Mom! I like ninjas. They're sneaky and fast. Ninjas are cool."

For her lunch, Princess has a ninja bun, broccoli and snap peas with ranch, a piece of chocolate, grilled chicken pieces, and fruit salad.

For the Dude, a pretzel bun sandwich with provolone and thin sliced roast beef, multigrain chips with 7 layer bean dip, and a handful of raspberries mixed with some chocolate almonds.

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