Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Autumn Leaves

A simple and easy warm lunch for a cool, crisp fall day.

Leaf picks make these honeydew melon balls a little more fun, and easier for a little hand to grasp without dropping.

Jumbo muffin cups are great for holding a serving of gluten-free, extra cheesy rice-mac and cheese.

A mini silicone cup of allergy friendly autumn trail mix makes a perfect treat. To make the trail mix, I toss together shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips.

To round out the lunch, Beaker has rolls of ham on colorful autumn leaf picks and a little bit of shredded raw broccoli.

I love these four section plates for meals at home. They make it easy to keep food separate (which my preschooler and sensory-sensitive kids tell me is VERY important) and to portion appropriately. They're also fun, with a variety of cute designs. I found this one, with a little robot theme, for $1. Yesterday I found a few Halloween and Thanksgiving themed four-section plates for half off in the Target dollar bins for 50 cents each. I keep an eye out for new ones each new season and holiday, and for clearance when the new designs roll out. They're easy to find and inexpensive, which I like. I have also seen stainless steel section plates on Amazon, and those are perfect for those who prefer to reduce use of plastic.

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