Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Doctor's Wife

Can you hear it? The loud squealing of millions of fans as we gear up for the premiere of the biggest Doctor Who episode ever. The 50th Anniversary!

How many other shows can say that they are still going strong, with world wide popularity and a deeply loyal fan base, after fifty years? Doctor Who has stood through time and tide, and today is loved more than ever. Because? The Doctor is awesome.

And who has been his most loyal friend, from the very begining? The one shining constant on a show which has spanned five decades, the only face which has always been there. Companions have come and gone, the Doctor has changed his face again and again, but the leading lady has always been there.

Obviously I am talking about the TARDIS.

Time And Relative Dimension In Space - T A R D I S. Occasionally known as the Doctor's wife. The constant companion. Or as the Doctor calls her... Sexy.

My lunch for the big day is a tasty TARDIS open faced sandwich with half a plum, cheese, and grapes.

The Doctor has said that he 'borrowed' the TARDIS from a museum, always intending to return her when he was done. But did he steal the TARDIS... or did the TARDIS steal him? As Idris says in The Doctor's Wife, "I wanted to see the universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away." Who chose whom, we may never truly know. Maybe it will be among the answers revealed in the big episode today!

I have to work, so the Dude is DVRing the episode so that we can all watch it together tonight when I get home. The kids are every bit as excited as we are - they're even planning snacks out for the show. The youngest three even dressed as Doctor Who characters for Halloween this year.

My little Whovians <3 Beaker was the Eleventh Doctor, Bean was the TARDIS, and Lulu was a (very abstract) Dalek.

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  1. LOVE SEXY!!! (and I always love seeing the kids!)

  2. Love your lunch! That's one of my favorite episodes <3 <3

  3. Awesome idea! I like to think they stole each other. <3 <3

  4. Love it! And oh my are your kids adorable!

  5. Fantastic cheese art! The kids look adorable too :)

  6. that TARDIS looks fantastic, and I love your kids' costumes!

  7. Thank you all! The kids had a blast on Halloween. Lulu was a little sad nobody 'got' her costume, but it was pretty abstract. Beaker was utterly thrilled with his little Sonic Screwdriver flashlight. Bean's TARDIS hat took a few days to knit...and yes, it is knitted backward. I didn't catch the error til it was nearly done. Perfect mirror image.

  8. Too cute!

    And the kids are okay too... ;)

  9. Fantastic lunch, and the kids are adorable!!

  10. Sexy looking Sexy!! How adorable are your munchkins?!?!?!


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