Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dip-ity Doo Dah

Get it? Because today's lunches are dips and dippables? Heh. Yep. I really am that cheesy.


Bean and Princess both took leftovers from a little get together for their lunches. They each have spinach dip with sourdough rounds, carrots and celery with a thick creamy ranch dip, apple slices, and pepper jack cheese.

Their lunches are tucked into our favorites, Easy Lunchboxes. To keep everything neat and tidy, I used silicone baking cups and a couple of little plastic tubs with lids. In one I used regular plastic baran to hold the spinach dip in place, and in the other I used silicone baran.

A few random food picks make everything easier to eat, by providing a skewer for holding the foods while dipping.

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