Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just a Quickie

Princess and Bean's lunches will be posted tomorrow for the BBF blog hop, so be sure to check back to see them!

For today, just a quickie post with Beaker's lunch plate and G-man's Jolly lunch.

Beaker wanted "tiny sandwiches and cut into squares and on sticks and I bite them off like this <CHOMP>!" for his lunch today. The tiny square Sunbutter sandwiches on picks fit the bill just right. He also has kiwi stars, baby carrot sticks with ranch, and star crackers.

I love the way kiwi looks when it's cut. The colors are beautiful!

For G-man's lunch, I packed a ham and cheese sandwich into an Easy Lunchbox. To save space, I simply cut the sandwich into quarters and then turned them on their sides. Perfect fit in half the space! He also has a few chocolate pretzels, some baby carrots (which he won't eat, but I still try), star crackers in a tree shaped red silicone cup, and a creepy snowman clementine.

Seriously, this face didn't seem so creepy when I was drawing it on. But the more I look at it, the creepier it looks. The face is just decorating gel with a tiny bit of carrot for a nose.

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