Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello, Minecraft!

Princess took a Hello Kitty lunch to school today. She has apple slices, a HK ham sandwich with pretzel sticks, HK fruit gummies, a cheese stick, and yogurt with sprinkles and a sugar HK for dessert.

The Hello Kitty sandwich was made using a special HK head cookie cutter, black decorator gel, a piece of edible confetti for the nose, and a flower pick for the top. She is separated from the pretzel sticks by a silicone baran shaped like a heart-topped fence.

Bright and colorful yogurt dessert. Not terribly healthy, but she was utterly thrilled with the pretty factor!

Bean has a holiday-themed lunch. A pretty Christmas tree sandwich with decorator gel light strand (the 'lights' are candy coated sunflower seeds) and a M&M 'star', pretzel sticks, green kiwi, and a chocolate cupcake with an edible confetti tree farm.

The edible confetti trees... I can't decide if they're cool or a little bit creepy. They feel like styrofoam and are made with potato starch and corn starch. I did not taste one myself, but Beaker tried one this morning and was not impressed. "It makes my mouf taste like paper." But they look cute!

Last night at dinner, G-man proposed a challenge. He asked if I thought I could make a Minecraft lunch. Now, I know nearly nothing about Minecraft. I should, since my two oldest kids are mad for the game, but I pretty much let the Dude monitor their games for appropriate content and trust his judgment in the matter. I've picked up a little bit just by listening to them chatter about it, but mostly I'm clueless. So this morning I got up a little early and hit up Google to see what the game is all about. I'm still not entirely sure I understand the game, but I know more now than I did this morning. And G-man was very impressed with what I came up with for his lunch.

For those who are curious, here is the Wiki link for Minecraft. It's a building and crafting game using textured cubes. The graphics are very basic, pixelated cubes, and the game play can be as complex or simple as the players choose.

For G-man's lunch I made a 'cake' ham sandwich and 'grass block' cupcake, 'stick' pretzels, and an 'apple' (um... apple).

The pixels on the grass block cupcake could use a little more work. I'll need to work on that before his birthday - he wants a Minecraft party with a grass cake. 

Brick took a Thermos of tomato soup (his favorite lunch), with a ham sandwich, green chocolate cupcake, and pretzel sticks. No cutesy themes for the too cool 8th grader.

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