Monday, July 29, 2013

Parents Also Eat

Just a few random lunches for the Dude and myself. This is how grown-ups eat lunch on the go here:

Broccoli and cucumbers with ranch, Van's GF multigrain crackers, cheese pieces and a turkey rose, and delicious mango slices.

One for the Dude:

Half a roast beef-Havarti sandwich on sourdough with roasted broccoli and plums.

Grapes, a turkey rose, baby carrots and multigrain crackers with spreadable cheese, and a small chunk of brownie.

Fancy salad:

Mixed greens salad with golden and red cherry tomatoes, Caesar dressing on the side, and avocado slices.

Rolled up roast beef and dill Havarti cheese on the side for the salad, and for dessert he has orange slices with pieces of a chocolate bar on top.

Yummy salad, right? Oh yes. And packed with nutrients!

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