Saturday, July 27, 2013

Test Fuel

This lunch was from awhile ago ~ um, May, actually.

Bean's fourth grade class had to take MSPs ~ the statewide Measurement of Student Progress test. Of course, a big test needed a big healthy lunch to fuel her through.

Garden salad with shredded turkey and ranch dressing tucked into an EasyLunchbox. The letters are cut out of colby-jack cheese. I tucked in a little note written on a napkin to remind her how great she is.

She also has a Laughing Cow cheese wedge with her favorite pretzel crisps.

And for dessert, strawberry pieces topped with hazelnut chocolate chunks.

And a bonus random Beaker lunch, from before the dairy restriction:

He has orange Jello with Original Tings, a ham rose, pear slices and raspberries (it's a letter B!), cheese pieces, and celery with cream cheese.

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