Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Sushi" Rolls

Not really sushi. Actually, the only thing they really have in common with sushi is that they're rolled up, and they contain cream cheese and cucumbers (like some of my favorite sushi rolls. Philly Roll, I mean you, you delicious simple little bit of creamy yum). And they were really, really good.

All I did was spread cream cheese onto pastrami slices, place cucumber spears and carrot matchsticks on the edge, and then rolled them up and sliced them into bite sized pieces. Super easy, and reeeeeeally tasty. Perfect for a fast, easy, delicious lunch!

This lunch I packed for myself. I included a few pastrami "sushi" rolls and puffed rice sticks, with broccoli florets and sweet bell pepper slices with ranch dressing for dipping, and a cut up mango. Yum! 

For the Dude's lunch I left the rolls whole instead of cutting into bite sized pieces. I think he liked them better that way, though really he probably would have eaten them either way. He prefers roast beef over pastrami.

He also has watermelon chunks, a small salad and cucumber slices with Caesar dressing, two Girl Scout cookies, and a few Kettle Chips.

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