Friday, September 6, 2013

A Vegetarian Pair

My new bento box came yesterday! After eyeballing them and lusting after them for two years, I finally ordered a Lunchbots box. And so far I like it. Shiny!

Lulu wanted to take a Thermos of channa masala to school for lunch, so it was the perfect opportunity to break in the new box by packing sides and a snack.

Everything packed up neatly in pretty shiny dishes ~ she liked that a lot.

Channa masala is a vegan chickpea and lentil soup. I think it has curry, garlic, and tomatoes in it, too. Delicious stuff! It's Lulu's favorite right now. The thermos kept it nice and warm through lunch. The little drink bottle holds iced apple juice.

On the side she also has mango chunks and cucumber slices, double chocolate vegan zucchini bread, raisins, and a cereal bar for a snack. The zucchini bread is yummy - I use applesauce and a little coconut oil instead of the butter, and ground flax meal instead of eggs. It reduces the fat by quite a bit and tastes great!

For the Dude I packed up an ovo-lacto vegetarian lunch of spinach dip with sourdough baguettes, tomatoes and strawberries from my garden, and tortilla rounds with freshly made guacamole, all packed into a Laptop Lunch box.

To keep the guacamole from making a mess inside the box, I used pieces of silicone baran to keep it in place. The Laptop Lunch individual sections also come with lids, which helped to prevent any leakage.

The Dude reported back that the lunch was good, but "not very filling." He said it needed a little more protein of some kind. Maybe a couple hard boiled eggs. Since tofu and nuts are out for now due to Beaker's allergies, it can be hard to find non-meat protein sources that are filling enough for someone who does heavy lifting at a physically demanding job for a lot of hours each day. I would love any tips you all can offer. 

Have a fab weekend!

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  1. Both lunches look delicious! Thanks for linking up :D

  2. Channa masala sounds good,we've never tried it before. I love the look of the silicone dividers I think they'd be useful for lots of things, :)


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