Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ELBs for Three

I have a lot of bento boxes now. A lot. So many! But my very favorite? The one I usually reach for first, the one most versatile and easy to use for all of the ages I pack for?

Easy Lunchboxes.

I love these things! They are hands down our favorites.

What I love about Easy Lunchboxes:

* Easy to use. They are aptly named! The open layout and three section design make them super easy to pack lunch in. The sections are big, but not too big ~ just the right size! Also, the lids pop right on and are simple enough to remove that even Beaker can manage them without help.

* Great size. I use them for all of my kids, including the four year old, and also for the grown ups. It's easy to adjust the amount of food packed for different appetites. They are big enough for larger appetites, but small enough to not be bulky or make you feel like you need to fill up a bunch of empty space.

* Fantastic company. The customer service is stellar, and the owner is a wonderful, classy lady whom I have had the great luck of getting to know a bit. I have a soft spot for owner run businesses, and this one is a great example of how awesome they can be.

* Excellent price. At only $13.95 for a set of four, the price is affordable for almost any budget. And free shipping with orders over $25 if purchased on Amazon!

It's easy to see why these are my favorites! They aren't made to be leakproof, but packing things like applesauce or yogurt is super simple, just by putting a piece of Press N Seal over the section or packing the liquid-y food into a Mini Dipper or other small lidded container inside the ELB. 

They're also way easier to eat from than a bunch of small individual containers or baggies. The shape makes them into a perfect little tray for balancing on a lap, if necessary. 

Beaker and Princess loved the ease of use when they had a picnic lunch while at a parade over the summer. They were able to sit comfortably inside a wagon watching the floats and horses and bands march past, with lunches easily resting on laps and everything easily accessible. Can't do that with a bunch of fiddly little baggies! 

Princess had strawberries and cucumbers from the garden, pretzels, and grilled chicken with barbecue sauce for dipping.

Beaker took garden strawberries and cucumbers, carrot sticks, corn cereal, and chicken with ketchup for dipping.

And for me, a grilled chicken Caesar salad. The lettuce, cucumbers, and strawberries all came from my garden. I love my garden!

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  1. Jessie!! Oh my gosh! Thank you for this lovely write up about my containers. LOVE the beautiful pics. I'm truly humbled by your very generous compliments. Thank you!!!

  2. Yummy lunches, and we love our ELBs too!

  3. They all look delicious! ELBs rock!

  4. Gorgeous lunches and fabulous post, Jessie!!


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