Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of School!

Already?! Where did the summer go?! 

Ah, back to school. Back to schedules. Back to early nights and earlier mornings. Back to homework and reading logs and the stacks of papers to sign.

And back to lunches packed every day!

Today Princess (who will henceforth be known as Lulu, as she has decided that she is much too grown up to be called Princess anymore *sniff* ) started second grade. 

To kick off a whole new school year of lunches, I packed up this cute meal in a Laptop Lunch box:

She has little star crackers with dried apricots, a small bit of chocolate doughnut for dessert, a peeled and segmented Cutie orange with cherry tomatoes from our garden, carrot discs, and a turkey and cheese kitty sandwich. Cheesy letters spell out her grade. You know, just in case she forgot. Just kidding - it was totally for cuteness factor!

Crispy stars for my super star! She loved these little star crackers. Apparently not so fond of the apricots though. Or the tomatoes. Or carrots. She liked them yesterday, but they came home untouched today, and I was treated to a little lecture from Lulu about Why I Don't Like These Anymore. Sheesh. 

Miss Bean started fifth grade, moving up to the middle school. Her first experience with lockers and changing classes! Ah, she's going to be great.

She wanted DIY mini tacos for lunch, which was way easy to pack since we had shredded beef tacos for dinner the night before.

A little doughnut dessert is tucked in next to a peeled Cutie and some grapes. She also has tortilla rounds to dip in the homemade guacamole and salsa, with leftover shredded beef and mini soft taco rounds to make into little lunchy tacos. She also took a little dish on the side with some carrot sticks and sunflower butter for an in-class snack. And ate almost everything packed, too! I thought it would be too much food, but apparently it was just right for the first day.

For a special little boost, I packed Lunchbox Love notes in their lunches for the first time. Bean was totally thrilled with hers. Especially the little fact on the back:

Lulu's was a little sweeter, with a factoid about number of times a heart beats per day on the backside.

And G-man started seventh grade today! No lunch for him, as he wanted to buy for the first day. 

And today was Brick's very first day of high school, but no picture of him. He left way earlier than my eyes were open! Apparently freshmen are too cool for their moms to take pictures of them in the front yard...

So here is a gratuitous picture of Beaker, who starts pre-K in a few weeks, instead:

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