Friday, September 6, 2013

"Heart"-y Sandwiches

For Bean's lunch today, I packed fancy open faced heart sandwiches. She also has a little tub of roasted sunflower seeds, some carrot discs with a cheese stick, grapes, and a bit of double chocolate zucchini bread for a veggie-packed dessert.

The sandwiches look fancy, but are pretty easy to make. I used three different sizes of cookie cutter with two different colored lunchmeats (oven roasted turkey and turkey bologna), with a fourth size for the bread. The meats are held together with a small dab of mustard or mayo between slices ~ Bean's favorites for sandwiches. 

I love using little accents, like this heart shaped cupcake ring and food pick, to perk lunches up a little. It's a simple way to make lunches a bit more special.

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