Saturday, April 6, 2013

Damn the Man!

Happy Rex Manning Day!

Oh Rexy, you're so sexy.

Empire Records wasn't well received when it premiered, but in the years since it has gained popularity as a cult classic. Gen Xers identify with the theme of protecting ideals and not selling out to the highest bidder. Damn the man! Plus, the flick has a killer soundtrack.

Damn the Man. Save the Empire!

Empire Records ranks very high on my list of favorites. I won't go in to the plot of the movie, because drop everything and go watch it right now!

"Empire Records, open 'til midnight!"

The soul of this movie and of Empire Records itself is, of course, the music. The soundtrack is most definitely on my list of Albums I Can't Live Without. I discovered it in 1999 and still listen to it very frequently (it is on my MP3 player in the car right now, actually). The Cranberries, the Innocence Mission, Better Than Ezra, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and so much more... fantastic music, from start to finish. 

This lunch is shredded roast beef with barbecue sauce, with steamed white rice and corn tortilla letters. There is also a ripe plum, a few mini chocolate bars, and a bit of shredded cabbage with fresh homemade pico de gallo on top. This lunch is gluten and nut free, too!

Now click through the record to bop over to What's In Our Lunch Bags and see what the amazing Karen has whipped up!

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  1. Love it! I can totally picture Mark swamped with customers answering the phone too, lol. I love the soundtrack too but wish they had made it a double disc because they left so many great songs off it!

  2. Oh I love love this!! :D I think I will pop the soundtrack in the car today while we run errands!

  3. Love this and you're right the sound track was Superb!

  4. Love this hop...wish there were more in it!
    Have a good one!

  5. How late are they open again? Poor Mark ....


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