Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Impossible Astronaut Day!

Today is Impossible Astronaut Day!

It is a day for Whovians to be geeky and have fun, drawing tally marks on themselves and friends to mark the anniversary of the airing of the Doctor Who episode 'The Impossible Astronaut'. 

For my fellow Whovian food geeks, it's a perfect excuse for a Doctor Who blog hop!

A mysterious phrase, oft repeated in the sixth season. "Silence will fall." Later we find out more, but we're still waiting for that question to be asked, the question that must never be answered...

Doctor who?

For lunch, the Dude has leftover Italian sausage with a side salad. Cucumber stars and provolone cheese letters decorate the top. On the side he has strawberries and blackberries, a few pieces of coffee-chocolate, and a few veggie crisps.

For Bean I also packed leftover Italian sausage with a small salad on the side. She has provolone cheese stars, cucumber slices, strawberries and blackberries. She also has a wedge of cheese spread with some multigrain gluten-free crackers, and a little bit of vanilla bean yogurt with Enjoy Life double chocolate granola and strawberry stars.

Is that a TARDIS baran I see?! Why yes. Yes, it is. 

I used an Exacto knife, blue silicone baking mat, and this fantastic guide from Oh!Bento UK to make reusable TARDIS baran! They're a little wonky (and the plaque looks like a third window) but I love them to bits and pieces. The silicone is a bit fiddly to cut, especially the corners and small bits, but they were pretty easy to make. I'm still trying to perfect the shape.

For Brick, a small salad with turkey-cheese and ham-cheese rolls on the side. He also has strawberries and blackberries with a few bits of coffee-chocolate, and a small side of potato chips.

"I wear a stetson now. Stetsons are cool." HA! I love River Song's reaction to the stetson...

Now click the button to slide on over to the fantastic Bento For Kidlet!

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  1. They all look awesome!!!!

    And the Baran turned out great!!!
    Thank you for the link back ^.^

  2. Awesome job on the baran! Are the sections it creates bigger on the inside?

  3. Looks great. Love your tardis baran.

  4. Love it! Looks so good :D <3 <3

  5. Love all of them!!! So awesome the baran is amazing!


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