Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break

Just in case you've been wondering where the new posts have been... we've been on Spring Break! We were busy all week, having fun with friends and visiting family and just getting things in order around the house. Now school is back in session (for both me and the kids) and things are settling back in to their normal routine.

I didn't take many lunch pictures during the week off (sorry!), but I did manage to snap a few hurried pics on one day. I took the kids to a fun indoor play place in the city (Playdate PDX - if you've never been and you're in the greater Portland metro area, you should go! The kids had a blast. Beaker keeps asking when he can go "to the big fun jungle gym" again). I packed lunches for all of the kids and for myself and we had a little picnic outside. Thankful for a dry day! However, Beaker ate all of his packed lunch and was still hungry. He is going through a growth spurt and eating a ton right now. The play place has a cafe, but there wasn't much on the menu that was free of all of Beaker's allergens. The people who work at Playdate PDX went above and beyond to make something he could eat. After some conferring about his different allergies, together we came up with gluten-free cheese breadsticks, and they carefully made sure the entire area was free of any trace of garlic or soy. They were really great at working with us to find something safe for my little guy, and he loved his snack! We were very impressed, both with the play structure and with the staff.

(Really bad mobile pic I snapped while the kids were playing. The structure is actually even bigger than it looks here, plus there are a few more areas that you can't see in the pic. It's pretty awesome!)

The lunches were nothing fancy, but they were quick and tasty - 

For G-man, popcorn and a few gummi bears, rice crackers, ham and cheese rolls, mango slices, and grapes.

For Princess, ham and cheese rolls with a few gummi bears, cantaloupe balls and mango slices, carrots and snap peas, rice crackers, and popcorn.

Bean had the same lunch, minus the popcorn.

And more of the same for Beaker.

For myself, a simple salad with peas, carrots, mixed greens, ham, and skewers of salami. Also, rice crackers and Baybel cheese,  and mango chunks.

And for the Dude to take to work (poor guy, he didn't get to take a week off for Spring Break like the rest of us did. Grateful that he is working though!), corned beef rolls with cream cheese on jalapeno cheddar tortillas, a mixed greens salad with dressing on the side, cantaloupe balls, and a few mini candy bars for dessert, all packed in a Laptop Lunch box.

Hope you've had a great week, too!

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