Monday, April 29, 2013

Peace and Happiness

I've mentioned before that Bean has a minor obsession with peace signs, right? So, when I found Annie's Organic parmesan mac and cheese, I knew she would flip over them. Mac and cheese shaped like peace signs!

Totally perfect for Bean. It is a wheat pasta, definitely not Beaker-safe, but I followed safe practices, washed up carefully, and Beaker was never exposed. I packed the pasta into two Thermoses for Bean and Princess to take for lunch. One box filled two 10 oz Thermos with a little bit left over (which Brick snagged faster than I could blink. He misses wheat).

Along with the Thermos of hot pasta and cheese sauce, each of the girls had a small dish of fruit, veggies, and pretzels on the side.

For Princess, a peace sign pretzel flower with snap pea stem/leaves, some blackberries and strawberries, and a little side salad.

For /Bean, peace-pretzels with creamy Swiss cheese spread, strawberries and blackerries, a little side salad, and snap peas.

Beaker's lunch is happy to see you!

The cute Cutie face is made with dried seaweed, using a nori punch for the eyes and smile. The "hair" is a handful of blackberries.

He also has pear chunks, turkey-cheese rolls, and a puffed rice stick cut into slices with a handful of Enjoy Life chocolate chips. The big kids might miss 'real' wheat bread and pizza crust, but Beaker is totally happy with his new diet. He has adjusted so well! And for the most part, the rest of us have rolled with the changes, too. Beaker is doing SO great on his new diet that it's hard to be resentful or feel like we're missing out. His eczema is cleared up. The rashes are gone. And even better, he hasn't needed his inhaler even once in over a month! The health benefits for him of clearing his body of the stuff he was reacting to have been awesome.

Switching gears, the Dude's lunch is happy to see you, too!

Simple salmon salad, with a small shout out to the movie Evolution. David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, and Orlando Jones. Such a funny flick, and one the Dude and I love to watch.

His salad is made with spring greens and a hand full of veggies (peas, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli), as well as smoked salmon, with a provolone cheese mutated smile. He also has blackberries, strawberries, mutligrain crackers and spicy cream cheese spread with snap peas, and a couple of mini chocolate bars.

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