Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday and Doctor Who

The first time I read about Muffin Tin Mondays was on Another Lunch. The idea of using a muffin tin as a sectioned plate was something I knew my youngest two kids would love. I picked up a couple of 6-cup muffin tins at the Dollar Tree and decided to give it a go for Princess' birthday dinner. See, for our family, birthday dinners are special. The birthday star can choose anything they want for dinner, even if it's chocolate cake. Princess chose a Snack Tray dinner.

Snack Tray consists of a bunch of finger foods. Popcorn, apple slices, grapes, crackers with cheese... anything that doesn't need flatware to be eaten goes. Princess chose popcorn, crackers, summer sausage, cheddar cheese, pear and apple slices, grapes, spinach dip, ham and cheese pinwheels, and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Yum!

I set out muffin tins for Princess and Beaker and let them choose what went into each cup. They insisted I get the camera.

The birthday star herself!

Beaker's muffin tin:

He heartily approved. However, he thought the lack of flatware meant no hands required. He ate puppy-style, by leaning foward and licking his food out of the tin. Messy, but effective enough.

And now for today. Beaker requested a "spiiiiiider wunch". Clockwise from the upper left corner he has: a spider silicone cup of red and green grapes, a few Ritz crackers with a spiderweb drawn on with edible food marker, a ham roll up, another spider silicone cup with yogurt and sprinkles, and a cup of ranch dressing with carrot sticks and olive halves. The spider in the ranch is made with an olive, inspired by a post on Wendolonia.

Sad looking spiderweb:

The olive spider was super easy. Just cut an olive in half. Use one half for the body and cut the other half in to 8 tiny slivers. Place the pieces with a pair of tweezers.

For Princess, I sent a pumpkin lunch. A mixed greens salad with bacon, a side of ranch dressing, and pepper Jack o' Lanterns...

And red grapes, Ritz crackers, and spinach dip with Autumn leaf picks, carrot sticks, and ham and cheese pinwheels.

For Bean, I sent the first of what will likely be many Doctor Who lunches. We love Doctor Who. We're still catching up to the current season - right now we are halfway through the third season of the new series. The Dude and I watch them first to sort of screen them for the younger kids. We learned that lesson in the first season when we all watched The Empty Child together. Princess was understandably freaked out (that episode even scared me!) and we nixed the Doctor altogether for the younger kids for a while. Last week we began cautiously allowing them to watch again with the caveat that they have to tell us if an episode is too intense for them so we can stop it.

Bean is a huge fan of the Doctor, even wanted to be a Dalek for Halloween if I could have pulled the costume together for her (she changed her mind and decided to be a bubble gum machine instead, thankfully. The Dalek costume was a bit too involved for me!), and wants a TARDIS mug for her birthday.

For her snack, I sent green grapes (sporting a bow tie) and graham crackers. The TARDIS is drawn on with edible food markers. 

For her lunch she has ham and cheese pinwheels, a mixed greens salad with bacon and ranch dressing, croutons on the side, and pepper jack letters spelling out "BAD WOLF".

She had also requested I send spinach dip, so I included a little in separate container, with Ritz crackers, apple and pineapple pieces, and Sunbursts.

Inspired by her lunch, I made myself a Doctor Who lunch, too. Mixed greens salad with carrot and bacon bits, ranch on the side, and pepperjack "ALLONS-Y!" Also, a few ham and cheese pinwheels with music note food picks (a nod to the signature theme song), apple and pear chunks, and pretzel sticks.

G-man had jazz band this morning and requested a large snack. I packed a packet of fruit snacks, Flipsides crackers, ham and cheese pinwheels in a spidier silicone cup, and red and green grapes.

Brick wanted a salad. Since I was already on a TV show kick, I made him one for his favorite show... Mythbusters.

He has ham and cheese pinwheels, Flipsides and croutons, and a mixed greens salad with crumbled bacon and ranch on the side. And pepperjack letters with a recurring theme on the show - "Let's blow it up!"

If you've never seen Mythbusters, you should. Fantastic show, especially for people who love science. I'm pretty sure Brick has seen every episode and he has tried a few of the experiments from the Mythbusters science fair experiments book. He is highly interested in science and math, so this show is right up his alley.


  1. I love all these! But...in my house if I put Let's Blow it Up! in their lunch they would pass out from laughing. It has another meaning here. hee hee

  2. Great ideas there! I especially love the Doctor Who-themed ones!


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