Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mummy? Mummy!

Today I packed two very different kinds of mummy.

First is the mummy for Princess. I cannot even remember where I saw this idea the first time - somewhere online, but not sure where - but it was very easy. To make a mummy sandwich, just use a round cookie cutter to cut the sandwich into a circle, then cut white cheese into strips and layer across the top of the sandwich like bandages. Finish off with a pair of Wilton's candy eyes. Done! A seriously simple way to cute up an October lunch.

The letters are cut from fruit leather using alphabet fondant cutters. Princess also has a little bit of dill pasta salad, some grape tomatoes, green grapes, and Sunbursts.

Bean has a very different kind of mummy.

This is another Doctor Who inspired lunch, from the episode The Empty Child (season one, episode 6, I think). Creepiest episode so far! The weeping angels and the ood had nothing on the gas mask zombies. Bean says the episode didn't scare her at all, but I don't mind admitting that it freaked me right out. So. very. creepy. "Are you my mummy?"

Bean's gas mask zombie sandwich is turkey and mustard, with the mask made from fruit leather and white cheese. The letters are made with the scraps of white cheese.

She also has a bit of pasta salad, Sunbursts, and pear chunks.

I made chili last night and Brick asked me to send the leftovers for his lunch. I heated some up this morning and put it in the Thermos, along with a dish of salad with ranch dressing, Sunbursts, saltines, and a silicone spider cup of shredded cheese. The tiny little bottle peeking out from under the spider contains hot sauce.

We leave tomorrow for our vacation! Wish me luck. I will survive the drive with bickering children!

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  1. I love them all BUT being the enormous Doctor Who fanatic that I am (whenever I'm at a total loss for inspiration for my lunches I tend to navigate to the Doctor), I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gas mask!

  2. Looks delish, and I'm not afraid to admit I flinched a bit at the sight of "Jamie"!


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