Monday, October 8, 2012

Skulls and Bones

The lunches I made for Talk Like a Pirate Day left a little something to be desired, so I decided to give it another go today. Surely I could do better than that!
To that end, Bean's lunch is full of piratey goodness!
She has Pirate's Booty (of course), broccoli island with ranch dip, a pirate cheese stick, apple slices with a broadsword stuck in them, carrot sticks, meat sticks (small sausages with barbecue sauce and bone food picks) and strawberry banana yogurt with a peach yogurt crossbones tucked on top. A fruit leather X marks the spot for chocolate gold coins pirate treasure. Arr!
G-man requested cheese rolls for lunch. Me? I wouldn't love eating the cheese rolls cold, but G-man loves them. Go figure!
In addition to the cheese rolls (which are just tortillas with melted cheese, rolled up and cut) he also has green grapes, chocolate graham animals, a cheesy snack mix, and strawberry-banana yogurt.

Princess turns 7 in a week! *sniff* She's getting so big and grown up. And there was no greater evidence of that than the birthday party theme she asked for this year.
"Oh, like pirates?"
"No, not pirates. Like goth."
"You want goth skulls for your seventh birthday?"
Oh my. I'm going to have my hands full with this one!
So, for Princess we have... skulls! Broccoli and carrot sticks with ranch, cheesy snack mix, apple slices, a cheese stick, and mini sausages with barbecue sauce. She also has yogurt with a frozen yogurt skull and mini skull rings decorating everything. The letters are made with fruit letter and alphabet fondant cutters with some of the extra bits tossed on top of the snack mix. She also has a few chocolate gold coins.

Making the fun yogurt was easy! A few hours before I made the lunches I scooped peach yogurt into a skull-and-crossbones silicone ice tray and put it in the freezer. When it was time to make the lunches I scooped some yogurt of a different color into one section of the Easy Lunchbox and then just popped out one of the frozen yogurt skulls (or crossbones, in Bean's lunch above) and pressed lightly in to the yogurt. Easy and fast edible decoration!
Next time I might use a darker/lighter combination. The pale orange of the peach yogurt against the light pink strawberry-banana didn't stand out very well.

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