Monday, October 1, 2012


Last night for dinner we made sushi. Maki-sushi rolls and ogniri brown rice balls - YUM! Most of us here are big fans of sushi. We only make it very rarely though, because so much mess and prep work is involved the way we make it. It is totally worth the effort. And of course we can't have homemade sushi without Japanese inspired bento sushi filled lunches!
First is Brick's lunch. Starting with two triangle shaped ogniri made with brown rice and topped with a sprinkle of furikake seasoning. I also packed shrimp meat and imitation crab, smoked salmon, cream cheese, baby corn cobs, and a tiny bottle of soy sauce. In the second compartment he has carrot and cucumber spears with ranch  dip and some mini chocolate chip cookies.

For Bean I packed a lunch and a snack. In the first dish she has baby corn, celery, mini cookies for dessert and a fortune cookie. In the two layer bento she has carrot discs with caesar dressing, shrimp meat, and the saddest looking carrot flower ever, and in the lower layer she has Philadelphia rolls with soy sauce. For snack she has Cheez Its and grapes.

Princess took three sushi rolls with a tiny tube of soy sauce, Cheez Its, mini cookies, and red grapes in one container, and baby corn cobs, celery, and carrots with caesar dressing and a fortune cookie in the second container.

This little dish is our newest bento box. I found it at a little store in the mall. So very cute and the perfect size for a packed lunch for Princess. And it's Hello Kitty, her very favorite!

Her very matchy-matchy lunch:

Everything fits so neatly in a regular sized insulated lunch bag with just enough room left for an ice pack to keep it all cold.

Finally, a lunch for G-man! Usually he prefers to get lunch at school, because his school offers pizza every day, which happens to be his favorite food. However, last night he requested turkey rolls for his lunch, and I jumped on the chance to pack up a lunch for him. He is the only person in the family who does not like sushi, so I had to be a bit creative with his lunch. He has turkey and cream cheese rolls on tortilla, cut to look like sushi rolls. He also has mini cookies, Cheez Its, a fortune cookie, and red grapes. The musical note food picks are my new favorites. G-man plays baritone bass in the sixth grade band and this year is joining the marching band. Very exciting stuff!

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