Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today Lacks Inspiration

No matter how hard I try, I am simply not ever going to be a morning person. This is why most of the kids' better lunches are made late the night before. I function better at night. Last night I had stuff to do though, so I put off putting lunches together until this morning. Brick and G-man decided to get lunch at school, as they usually prefer, so that just left lunches for Bean and Princess.
Each of the girls took a Thermos of Spaghetti Os for their lunch. See? Complete lack of inspiration. And very little effort. But Princess grinned from ear to ear when she saw the pan of gooey canned Os bubbling on the stove this morning.
I also put together a pair of small dishes with some veggies, fruit, and crackers for each of them. Each has a pumpkin silicone cup with half a peeled clementine and cheese crackers, a couple of candy pumpkins, and carrots and broccoli with ranch in one container, and grapes with Teddy Grahams and a pair of gummi bears in the other container.


Two more days until we leave for vacation!
To minimize costs, reduce fast food consumption, and make lunch times less hectic, I am making bento-ish lunches for each member of the family for every day of our trip. 5 days, 7 people... Think I can do this? Sure, of course I can!

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