Monday, October 15, 2012

Princess Turns 7!

Today our little Princess is 7 years old!

Wow, did that time fly. She was born at 7:47 am, after the most long and boring 22 hour induction ever. I remember walking the floors of the hospital for hour after hour after hour. The Dude and I played Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit to keep ourselves occupied. The hours stretched on and on, with not much action. Hospital policy restricted moms in labor from eating and I hadn't eaten breakfast before the induction was started, just a small snack, so by the middle of the night I was starving. I would walk past the vending machine on each loop around the hallway and just stare at those teasing crackers. By the time morning rolled around I think I was looking forward to the breakfast they promised me after she was born almost as much as I was holding my sweet new baby! And then there she was, all pink and squishy and oh so beautiful.

And now she's so grown! She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite clothes are the frilliest dresses, which she wears with rainboots as she dances through the mud. Her belief is that a princess can dress in beautiful party dresses AND climb trees, and I wholeheartedly agree. Her favorite foods are chocolate and apples. Her favorite color is red and she loves to snuggle.

Happy 7th Birthday, my little Princess!

Her lunch is all lucky 7s. A cupcake with a drawn on edible glitter gel number 7 and seven butterfly sprinkles.

She also has seven clementine segments, seven grapes, seven sausages with barbecue sauce, seven Ritz crackers, seven lemon cucumber slices, and seven grape tomatoes!

The grapes and grape tomatoes have these food picks in them to make them look like balloons. The letters are colby jack cheese and fruit leather.

For Bean's lunch, I packed pumpkins! A smiling clementine Jack o'Lantern is wearing a party hat pick up in the corner with two candy pumpkins. Two more candy pumpkins are hanging out with Ritz crackers and a fruit leather pumpkin. Green and red grapes are tucked behind an orange pumpkin shaped silicone cup full of lemon cucumber slices, next to an orange jumbo silicone cup filled with mini sausages and barbecue sauce. Under a second fruit leather pumpkin are some colby jack and pepper jack cheese squares.

Clementine Jack is happy to see you!

Both lunches are tucked into our Easy Lunchboxes.

For her classroom birthday celebration, Princess wanted to bring cupcakes and apple slices. Her class is actually made up of two classes put together. There are 55 kids in her class with two teachers - that's a lot of cupcakes!

So, for her class party I made 72 (extra to give to the teachers and office staff) vanilla mini cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting and gummi butterflies on top. Tomorrow I will slice up a bunch of apple rings with shaped centers to bring in to class.

It's going to be a beautiful day!

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