Thursday, January 10, 2013

And from this week...

Woo! Finally caught almost up to date after all of the catching up. Here are some of the lunches from so far this week:

A lunch for the Dude. He has a thin sliced corned beef croissant sandwich with Havarti cheese and crisp lettuce. He also has cucumber slices, whole strawberries, and a few mini Chips Ahoy cookies.

It has to be Spring eventually! Yes, Winter just started a few weeks ago, but we're already daydreaming of Spring. Bean has a jumping bunny lunch here.

She has yogurt with sprinkles, jumping Annie's Organic bunny grahams, a pair of orange segments, some halved strawberries, a baby Baybel cheese, and a happy little bunny hard boiled egg.

And finally, for Princess, a family of little bears took over her lunch.

She also has yogurt with sprinkles, a few mini Chips Ahoy cookies, orange segments, and strawberry halves. Tucked up top she has chocolate Teddy Grahams, and in the middle she has cucumber slices and a teddy bear hard boiled egg wearing a little hat. A picnic lunch, even if it isn't picnic weather!

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