Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching Up

So much for being on task and organized in 2013. Barely a week in to the year and I'm already more than a week behind! Call this one a catch up blog post - a couple of days of lunches all in one!

One of Bean's lunches:

It's a lunch of leftovers from our New Year's Eve Junk Food and Video Game Fest. She has spinach dip in the upper corner, with a decorative snowflake pick, to celebrate the first snow of the season (just a few snowflakes on NYE, barely enough to dust the ground, but in this land of endless rain, it counts). Next she has three mini Chips Ahoy cookies, a piece of peppermint fudge, and a few graham crackers. In the big section she has some summer sausage, colby jack and mozzarella cheese squares, snowflake Ritz, Triscuits, and celery. Perfect snacky lunch!

Princess had a similar lunch, in her Hello Kitty hinged bento box. Peppermint fudge and Chips Ahoy, colby jack and mozzarella with summer sausage, spinach dip, snowflake Ritz and Triscuits, and celery.

A pair of crowns for the little Princess:

Another day both girls took hot spaghetti with meatballs in Thermoses with small containers of snacks on the side. Bean has mandarin oranges, turkey slices, pickle chips, and a couple of chocolate truffle balls.

Pretty colors!

For her in-class snack she took French onion dip with mini Triscuits.

Princess took truffle balls, turkey slices, grape tomatoes, mini Triscuits, and mandarin oranges.

For another lunch, Bean had leftovers, decorated with music notes because it was her first day of recorder lessons in music class. Now she can play Hot Cross Buns and Three Blind Mice, backwards and forwards!

For the whole lunch, she had leftover grilled bratwurst from dinner the night before, with cucumber slices and applesauce, pretzels and mini Oreos, and tangelo segments.

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