Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simple Lunches

Too tired and congested to be clever. Allergies are the suck. So, pictures:

Lunch for me! Salad with Spring greens mix, bacon and turkey bits, and Havarti/American cheese flowers. Creamy Italian dressing in the Mini Dipper.

Also, CheezIts, a hard boiled egg heart, cucumber slices, and sugar snap peas.

One for the Dude - leftover pizza, strawberries and orange slices, and zucchini bread.

Delicious veggie and meat covered pizza!

For Bean - simple sandwich lunch.

Turkey and cheese sandwich triangles with strawberries, a chocolate chip cookie (cut into quarters), carrot sticks with ranch, and applesauce with a dash of cinnamon.

G-man also has leftover pizza, this one with no veggies. And some dessert pizza bits, zucchini bread, orange slices, and a strawberry.

For Princess, turkey bits with barbecue sauce packet, carrot sticks with ranch, strawberry slices, rainbow Goldfish, and a cookie.

The pieces all tuck neatly in to the Hello Kitty bento box we bought at our favorite little import store in the mall, just before it went out of business. Sad. I liked that store!

And one last one, a lunch for the Dude from a different day. Jalapeno bagel sandwich with strawberries, CheezIts, and a cookie.

He said the sandwich was "delicious, really good!" It has thin sliced roast beef, Havarti cheese, and spring greens, all on a jalapeno bagel. 

Products used in these lunches:

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  1. That salad is gorgeous!! SO MUCH HAPPY!! lol! Thank you for linking up at Grown-Ups Gotta Eat!


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