Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stew on a Cold Day

Ah, January. Bitter cold, everything frozen, and even the sun can't get you warm. Not my favorite month.

But it is perfect weather for stews and soups! And roasts with root veggies, simmering away in the crock pot all day. Delicious!

Leftovers for the girls for lunch again. Roast for dinner one night means stew for lunch the next day!

Delicious beef stew, packed hot into a Thermos for a home cooked hot lunch. To prep the Thermos and keep the contents hot for longer, fill the empty Thermos with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes while heating up or cooking the food which is going inside. Dump the hot water just before adding the food. This heats up the core of the Thermos, helping it to hold the contents at a higher temperature for longer.

To go with their stew, I packed each of them a small assortment of snacks and sides into sandwich containers from the Dollar Spot at Target. and an organic chocolate milk to drink.

Their sides are fresh blueberries and sugar snap peas, oyster crackers, and a dessert of chocolate drizzled caramel corn and pretzels.

For Beaker, a bento breakfast. Waffle bits with warmed syrup for dipping, blueberries, and a fish shaped hard boiled egg.

And for the Dude, leftover Chinese takeout. Fried rice and chow mein, General Tso and orange chicken, an egg roll, fortune cookie, and soy sauce packet. I forgot that he wouldn't have access to a microwave that day. Oops. But at least it was still edible cold...

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