Thursday, January 31, 2013


Tomorrow is February, and you know what that means! A special day is approaching. A day long awaited and anticipated.

Do I mean Groundhog's Day? Valentine's Day? Nope! Way better than that!

PSYCH is coming back! The first new episode since April of last year will be aired on USA on February 27th. Fans have been waiting not-so-patiently since the last episode ended on a crazy cliffhanger, and soon we'll finally get to see what happens next.

In honor and anticipation of the upcoming new season, a Psych lunch!

Apricot fruit leather spells out the name of the show, next to a turkey Yin-Yang sandwich (a nod to the serial killer played by Ally Sheedy in 3 episodes spanning seasons 3, 4, and 5).

Of course, Psych wouldn't be complete without the running Pineapple gag, which has been a show theme from the very beginning. Also included are some snap peas, pretzel Goldfish (a reference to Henry Spencer's love of fishing), and a little piece of chocolate ~ because everyone needs a little chocolate sometimes.

And... hats. Our first introduction to Shawn Spencer is the pilot episode, which opens with a young Shawn sitting in a diner with Henry, his father. Shawn wants dessert, but his dad makes him earn it by telling him to close his eyes... and then asking him, "How many hats?" In order to get his dessert, Shawn has to correctly recite the number and type of hats in the diner from memory. I bought the hat picks from BentoUSA and knew they would be perfect for this!

I couldn't find a clip, but watch the show. Worth it!

February also means Valentine's Day, and it's no surprise that my pink-and-red loving little Princess adores the holiday. For her I made a heart shaped sandwich shot through with Cupid's arrow and decorated with Conversation Hearts. She also has snap peas and golden cherry tomatoes, a piece of Dove chocolate, some grapes, and a few pretzel Goldfish.

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  1. That is awesome. I love that you did a Psych themed Bento!!!

  2. Psych is the best! Have you seen the show's cookbook forum? I pretty sure I am going to have to try some these for lunch.


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