Sunday, January 20, 2013


I love the internet. And I love that I have 'met' (and met!) some truly fantastic people, thanks to the internet. And I especially love how much inspiration there is out there on the web!

I saw both of these ideas recently and knew my kidlets would love them. I had to give them a try! So, here we have....

Simple and delicious snowmen for Princess and Bean!

The little dessert snowmen are made with Donettes and jelly beans. I cut the rounded ends off of a couple of black licorice jellybeans and cut an orange jellybean into two triangles for the little orange nose. Their little smiles are drawn on with decorating gel.

Snuggled up next to each of the snowmen is a small handful of fresh, delicious blueberries.

For some extra protein, I tucked in a silicone cupcake cup of shredded roasted turkey breast, with a little snowman pick peeking out.

The bagel snowmen are made with half of a mini bagel, topped with cream cheese. Half a blueberry forms each eye, with a carrot triangle nose and decorating gel happy smile.

To round out the lunches, I included sugar snap peas and carrot sticks.

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