Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Vacation Lunches

During Winter Break we mostly cooked hot lunches at home, but there were a few days when lunches were packed.

This was a lunch for Princess... Cucumber slices, radish pieces, grape tomatoes, and broccoli florets; peeled clementine, dried kiwi and salted fudge; ranch for dipping (under the grape tomato pseudo-face), mini Club crackers, and half a sun-dried tomato turkey sandwich on multigrain bread with grape tomatoes on top.

Princess loves grape tomatoes. Especially when they look pretty!

Lunch for Bean: cucumber slices, radish pieces, broccoli, peeled clementine, dried kiwi, salted fudge, ranch, mini Club crackers, and half of a turkey sandwich with snowflake picks to hold it together.

Our picky eater - a lunch for G-man: Ham and cheese sandwich with half a banana, a peeled clementine and dried kiwi with salted fudge, mini Club crackers and Craisins.

Random lunch for the Dude to take to work: The small container holds salsa for the black bean and chicken quesadillas (great use of leftovers from chicken tacos!), with shredded cabbage and olives to scoop on top. He also has some Wheat Thins and a piece of salted fudge.

Another random lunch for... the Dude. No reason a grown up can't enjoy a smiling sandwich! The sandwiches are made with leftover pancakes, fried duck eggs, spicy pepperjack cheese, and breakfast sausage. I also tucked in a peeled clementine in that section of the Sistema Cube.

In the other half of the box, he has cucumber slices, marinated mushrooms, Wheat Thins, and Triple Decker Oreos.

Is it me, or is Pancake Man a little... sinister-looking?

Another lunch for the Dude, packed into a Sistema Cube. This one has a peeled clementine, tiny piece of salted fudge, grape tomatoes, and mini Club crackers in one section, with Caesar dressing, cucumber slices, radishes, and broccoli in the other.

The whole lunch included a roast beef and provolone sandwich, tucked neatly into the biggest section of the box.

A rare lunch for me! Sun-dried tomato turkey on multigrain bread with a peeled clementine, salted fudge, mini Club crackers, ranch dressing, cucumber slices, and broccoli. More like a lunch plus two snacks. Delicious! I like the Sistema Cube, but it holds a LOT of food. Too much even for an adult, a lot of the time. 

This was a lunch for Brick. Peeled clementine, salted fudge, and dried kiwi in the smallest section of the Easy Lunchbox. Sliced cucumber, cut radish, and broccoli in the second, and a roast beef on sourdough sandwich with ranch for the veggies and mini Club crackers in the biggest section.

Lunch for the little Beaker is half a turkey sandwich on multigrain bread, with two dinosaur picks guarding from above. He also has mini Club crackers and ranch for dipping his broccoli, radishes, and cucumbers. In the small section, he has dried kiwi, salted fudge, and a peeled clementine.

Bean's favorite picks right now are the blue snowflakes. I bought them from BentoUSA for a great low price. Perfect for the recent frosty weather!


  1. Yummy! But why doors it look like you got such a bigger portion of fudge than the dude? ;)

  2. Heh. Shhhhh! Nobody at the time caught that ;) Actually, he is shockingly not a fan of sweets. A tiny bit every now and again is plenty for him. I think my thighs would love it if I had the same 'problem'.


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