Friday, February 8, 2013

Butterfly Salad

One for me! 

Since I spent the day at class and in the tutoring center trying to figure out the class, I packed a rare lunch for myself. Need to do that more often ~ it was delicious! And fast to make, too. I sliced the fruit earlier in the day when making lunches for the kids, so that was all ready to go. And the greens for the salad were pre-cut and waiting in the fridge, too. All I had to do was cut the butterfly shapes in the cheese and put everything together in the Sistema Cube. I think it took less than five minutes!

Butterfly salad with a pepper turkey roll, side of Caesar dressing, and Goldfish for crunch, a fruit mix of sliced mangoes, kiwi, and strawberries, and a couple of chocolate mints.

The fruit is such pretty colors, and utterly delicious. I love fresh sliced mangoes! And kiwi with strawberries, YUM!

The salad was both tasty and beautiful. Spring garden mixed greens with snap peas, a sprinkle of bacon bits, and colby-jack butterflies.

Products used: Bento Products

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