Friday, February 1, 2013

Good-bye Ten, Hello Eleven

The girls just finished up the fourth season of Doctor Who and started the fifth. They said farewell to their favorite Doctor in The End of Time and hello to the newest Doctor in The Eleventh Hour. I had minor dental surgery this week and was a bit off my game, so a mid-week mini Doctor Who marathon was a nice way for all of us to get a little down time.

Bean snuggled up to me before bed and asked if we could do Doctor Who lunches for school to kick off the weekend. Um, YES!

*sniff, bawl, sob* So sad to see Ten go! David Tennant is adorable, and made such a fun, bouncy Doctor. Except when he was sad, or angry. But even then he was still adorable.

To say good-bye, we put in a few of our favorite Ten moments.

A peppered turkey sandwich with cheese letters and fruit leather numbers. A banana - "Always take a banana to a party..." (from The Girl in the Fireplace), the fantastic black framed hipster glasses, and a little gummi Rose.

A satsuma (from The Christmas Invasion) is tucked under a sweet marshmallow baby Adipose, the cutest alien 'monster' EVER. 

The girls have only seen the first episode with Eleven so far, but to welcome in the new guy I put together a few of my favorite moments with the lanky. quirky Matt Smith.

Fish fingers and custard, of course! Cheese letters and fruit leather numbers, and a bow tie pick - "Bow ties are cool." Also, a cowboy hat cheese sandwich (from The Impossible Astronaut).

Goldfish ("Sorry. Checking all the water in this area. There's an escaped fish." - from The Beast Below) and grapes hold killer mutated Snowmen, with a smiling apple tucked in tight (the Eleventh Hour).

To keep the custard contained, I tucked the silicone cup - TARDIS blue, of course - into a disposable Solo cup with a lid. This kept the custard from bouncing around and spilling all over the rest of the lunch.

And to drink, I packed a small bottle of tea for each of them - "A super heated infusion of free radicals and tannin." (The Christmas Invasion). Well, theirs was iced rather than heated, but perfect either way.

Now how to prepare them for how dark the series turns in the next few seasons...

Products used:

The glasses and bow tie picks and the silicone baran were all purchased from BentoUSA.


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