Tuesday, February 12, 2013


One of our favorite foods here is pizza. Who doesn't love pizza?! Delicious, easy, fast. Full of calories, but it doesn't have to be. I prefer my pizza to look more like a garden, with a garlic sauce and a wide variety of vegetables, maybe with a bit of chicken and bacon sprinkled over. Bean likes sausage on her pizza, while Gman is strictly a pepperoni guy. Princess loves pineapple with pepperoni, while Brick will eat almost any toppings except onions and green peppers, and the Dude likes sausage and mushrooms the best. 

Getting take out with all of these different taste preferences is sometimes tough (although we all agree on pepperoni, so that makes it easier in a time crunch), so our very favorite way of making pizza is to set up a DIY mini pizza bar. The Dude makes a killer dough, and breaks it up into individual sizes. Then we set out all of the toppings on the table and let the kids go wild. They love making their own, adding all of their favorites in just the right amounts.

This weekend we took the same concept, but rolled it up - the Dude made a bunch of homemade pizza pockets! Instead of pizza dough he used a dinner roll dough, which made them taste delicious. He made some with veggie pizza toppings, some with meat, and some with ham and cheese. WAY better than Hot Pockets, and super easy to pack for lunch.

For the Dude, I packed a clementine and a peeled kiwi with two pizza pockets, a few mini cookies, and a heart full of raw almonds, plus a few golden cherry tomatoes.

For the kids, who don't have access to a microwave at lunch, I packed leftover pizza. For Princess and Bean I cut the pizza with a cookie cutter for a fun Valentine's theme.

They also have heart shaped strawberries, a handful of blueberries, and a small chunk of chocolate cake with heart rings and sprinkles.

It was pretty easy to cut the pizza into a heart shape. I used a large heart cookie cutter and pressed down hard, then cut around the shape with a sharp knife. Worked great!

G-man thinks he is too old for hearts, so for his lunch I just cut the pizza in to strips. He doesn't like strawberries, so he has peeled clementines instead.

Chocolate cake... YUM.

And so pretty, too! Not homemade - I am not that talented at baked goods, unfortunately. But tasty enough to make the indulgence worthwhile!

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