Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Hearts

A request from Bean: heart themed lunches.

For her I made a sweet Valentine lunch.

She has a hoagie sandwich with a frilly heart pick and fruit leather heart, pickle slices with a heart pick, pretzel Goldfish, heart strawberries, and a sweet little mini cupcake.

Frilly! She loved the puffy lacy heart pick.

Two little heart picks tucked in to the mini cupcake for decoration.

For Brick I packed two pieces of a hoagie sandwich, with CheezIts, strawberries, and a mini cupcake.

Two simple small heart picks hold the sandwich pieces together.

For G-Man, leftover chicken nuggets with ketchup was on the menu. He also has grapes, whole wheat crackers, and a mini cupcake.

I love the Mini Dippers from Easy Lunchboxes for holding dipping sauces!

Princess also has a Valentine's lunch, with leftover chicken nuggets and ketchup as the main meal. She has grapes on heart skewers, a mini cupcake, and pretzel Goldfish on the side, with a little fruit leather heart decoration.

Pretty and delicious!

Products used: Bento Bento Products

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