Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello, Panda!

For Bean, a sweet baby panda lunch, packed in a Laptop Lunch box.

She has a little panda bear Nutella sandwich with pretzels, yogurt with a sugar heart, Hello Panda cookies, and broccoli and carrots with ranch.

Her sandwich was cut with the CuteZCute, our new favorite cutter.

Cute little panda veggie garden.

These little cookies are way too tasty. Not too sweet, but with a creamy chocolate center. 

For Princess I packed a Hello Kitty lunch. She has a broccoli and carrot garden with ranch, a kitty CuteZCute Nutella sandich, pretzels, and yogurt with a sugar HK head, and in the Hello Kitty container she has granola for mixing in with the yogurt.

Hello, Kitty!

Her dessert: a chocolate filled marshmallow in a Hello Kitty package.

For the Dude's lunch, I packed a light picnic. He has Crunchmaster rice crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon, a handful of mixed nuts and carrots, half an orange and a sliced kiwi, and a little Dove Raspberry Dark Chocolate for dessert.

I had the same thing for lunch today. In a corny, goofy sort of way it is almost like we shared a picnic, even though we were in different states. <3 Yes, I am a total cheeseball.

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