Friday, February 15, 2013

Silence Will Fall

A Doctor Who lunch for the Dude today!

As I have mentioned, we are pretty big Doctor Who fans here. It's a show the whole family watches. The younger kids are still working their way through, but Brick, the Dude, and I are all waiting impatiently for the new episodes to start again at the end of next month. 

For lunch, I packed strawberry slices and a delicious looking salad. The Mini Dipper holds Caesar dressing and the hash marks on the lid - one line for every time you see a Silence, drawn before you look away and forget - are drawn on with dry erase marker. I tucked in a couple chocolate covered espresso beans and one dark chocolate raspberry Dove for dessert.

The salad is made with a spring greens mix, avocado, grape tomatoes and golden cherry tomatoes, and slices of leftover breaded chicken breast from last night's chicken parmigiana dinner.

In keeping with the theme, my lunch was a TARDIS mug of chai latte and a stray cupcake leftover from Bean's class party.

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  1. What a great lunch Jessie!! :) The dry erase marker tip is really fun :)


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