Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three For Preschool

Three simple lunches for Beaker:

Super Star ~ a Nutella sandwich cut with 3 sizes of star shaped cookie cutter with space themed Goldfish and clementine segments in star shaped silicone cups, and with broccoli and peas in the pod with ranch for dipping. 

Little star shaped cake sprinkles decorate the edges of the outer space section plate.

Stars, moons, rocket ships, and Goldfish ~ so cute!

Simple Sausages and Sauce ~ This lunch has Hilshire Farms mini beef sausages with ketchup for dipping, applesauce in a cup, and Veggie Crisps, with a tiny silicone cup full of mini candies for dessert.

Packed Pasta ~ Italian pasta salad, a chocolate chip cookie, outer space Goldfish, and Crunchmaster rice crackers to take on the go.

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