Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today is the day before the last day of summer. How did summer fly by again so quickly?! Tomorrow is the official last day of summer, and then Friday begins fall. Time to pack up the flip flops and pull out the sweaters.

And the weather this morning definitely heralds in the new season. We woke this morning to a damp, foggy day. A thick cloud hid everything from sight within a few feet and stepping outside felt like stepping into a sponge. The walk to school is very short, but was still enough for my shirt to be soaked with mist by the time I got home and Bean insisted on bringing her umbrella.

We will be stuck in a 9 month rain cloud very soon, but I'm still holding on to summer with both hands. Lunches today pay tribute to my favorite season with a little beach lu'au theme. I have never been to Hawaii, but the lovely beaches and sunshine of the tropical island chain seems to sum up summer nicely.

Princess and Bean's summery lu'au lunches start with barbecue pulled pork with a half of a French roll and a little tub of extra barbecue sauce (leftovers from dinner last night). I used edible food safe markers to sketch a heart on each half roll and write in the Hawaiian greeting "Aloha!" A big shady umbrella toothpick is tucked into the 'beach', while Goldfish swim just beyond the grass baran reef next to the blue Jello ocean. Sandy yellow pineapple tidbits and 'beach ball' grapes hang out in the smaller compartment of the Easy Lunchboxes, with a baby Baybel cheese and Sun Chips in the medium section.

Brick wanted leftovers in his lunch also, so below is a more "grown up" version of the same foods above. Barbecue pulled pork with barbecue sauce and a French roll, baby Baybel cheese, Sun Chips, pineapple tidbits, grapes, and blue Jello, all in a Sistema Klip It To Go box.

Mahalo! A hui hou kakou!

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