Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lunch System


This is my Lunch System spreadsheet. I took some basic food categories (Carbs, Proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, Desserts, Dips, Soups) and listed in each category all of the travel-friendly foods my kids generally eat. At the beginning of the school year I printed a copy up for each child and had them cross off any foods they for sure would not eat and put a star next to their favorites. I slipped them into clear plastic protective sleeves in a binder. Then all year, when making lunches for them to take to school, if I was stuck for ideas or unsure whether one kid or another would eat something I was thinking of packing, I could just pull out the binder and flip through the pages, picking out an item or two and building a lunch around it from items in other categories.

Looking over the list now I can see areas where I need to add or move things around a little. Bean's favorite foods now are Italian sausage and sushi, and G-man doesn't really eat peanut butter much anymore. And I think I would rather change the categories into main dishes, snacks, and sides instead of splitting proteins and carbs. I will tackle that later. For now, feel free to look over the list or print it out if you need ideas for lunches. I will post it here when I get around to changing it up. Probably not until later in the week.

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