Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day of the new school year. Princess started 1st grade, Bean started 4th grade, G-man started 6th grade, and Brick started 8th greade. Beaker will be starting preschool, but not for a few more weeks, when school starts for the adults of the house.
Forgive the awful pictures. The kids were in a rush and weren't happy about the camera being pulled out, so I had to take what I could get on the super fly. 

Beaker stayed home with me all day. While I was writing the grocery list for the week, he was writing his own list.

And then there was lunch! Beaker wanted a special lunch just like his oler siblings took, but at home. He had canteloupe with blueberries, grape tomatoes and sweet pepper slices with ranch, and a turkey & veggie wrap with cheesy hearts on top. Plus a little cup of Dirt and Worms. He ate the cheese and the worms and one small nibble of everything else. Well, I can put the healthy lunch in front of the toddler, but I can't make him eat!

The Packed Bento Lunches:

The husband's lunch: turkey on multigrain with a fruit salad of canteloupe, blueberries, and green grapes, with crackers on the side.

Brick's lunch: canteloupe balls, Dirt and Worms, and a salad with ham and turkey rolls and bacon bits. The small white container holds ranch dressing.

G-man's lunch: Ham sandwich on multigrain, gross fake cheese cracker dip thing (a special request), Cheez Its, grapes and canteloupe, and Dirt and Worms for dessert.

Bean's lunch: canteloupe with blueberries, carrots with ranch, Dirt and Worms, Cheez Its, and turkey on multigrain sandwich.

Princess' lunch: Dirt and Worms (of course), Cheez Its, grape tomatoes, canteloupe with blueberries, and ham and turkey roll ups (cheese rolled up in lunchmeat) with sweet pepper slices.

Dirt and Worms

This is a super popular dessert item with my kids. Pretty much no nutritional value to be had, though I like to pretend that the calcium in the pudding is at least minutely redeeming.

Dirt and Worms is just chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos and gummi worms. To prep them for the week, I mixed one large packet of Jello chocolate pudding according to package directions. I scooped it by large spoonfulls into 3 ounce Silo cups and sprinkled Oreos (about 10 of them, crushed using the food processor) over the pudding. Then I pressed two gummi worms into each cup and put lids on them. Stored in the fridge they should last 3-4 days and can easily be packed into lunches for a nice little sweet treat. I was able to make 12 with one packet of pudding and 10 cookies.

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