Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hot Food, on the Go!

Last year I packed soup for Bean once for lunch. I had purchased three Crayola insulated jars on clearance and gave one of them a shot. When she came home she reported that the soup was cold and mushy at lunch time. I tucked the Crayola jars back in the cabinet and never got around to using them again. I didn't trust them to keep the food hot.
Well, last night we had lasagna for dinner, one of Bean's favorite foods. She asked to take some for lunch today. I was cautious, not really trusting that the Crayola jar would keep the food hot. I keep meaning to buy a Thermos or two, but the price tag keeps tripping me up. So, I packed up her lunch with a warningt hat she might want to be ready to buy lunch, just in case the dish was cold.
Apparently I needn't have worried. When she got home she reported that the lasagna in the Crayola jar was hot and delicious at lunch. Success!
So, for Bean's lunch she has hot lasagna, a salad with cheddar bits and mini pepperoni with ranch dressing on the side (topped with a cheddar heart), kiwi chunks, and a homemade nut free trail mix.

Princess liked lasagna at dinner last night, but decided this morning that she doesn't like it so much anymore. Ah, fickle youth! Her lunch has a salad like her sister's, with cut romaine, cheddar bits, mini pepperoni, and ranch on the side. She also has a cup of homemade nut free trail mix, half a banana, kiwi slices, a small stack of cheddar hearts, and a few thin sliced turkey rolls.

Beaker helped to run errands today, so I packed a small snack for him to bring with us. The same trail mix the girls have, the other half of the banana from Princess' lunch, a cut up kiwi, cheddar sticks and thin turkey rolls. Thank goodness, too. He is going through a bottomless pit phase.

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