Friday, September 21, 2012

This Lunch Brought to You by the Letter P!

P is for...
A ham, cream cheese, sprouts, and tortilla pig, to be more precise. Also, Pretzels, Pirate's Booty, Peaches, Pears, Purple licorice, and "P" mozzarella and cheddar cheese! Finished off with a tub of blue Jello "water" for that little piggy to drink.
Princess had her "P" lunch in an Easy Lunchbox.

And Bean had her "P" lunch in a two section divided dish from the Dollar Tree.
How to Make a Tortilla Pig:
First, take two tortillas. Spread both with cream cheese on one side. Place one tortilla cream cheese side up on a cutting board. Sprinkle on sprouts and top with a layer of ham. [Note: You can skip the sprouts and do any other lunch meat, or no meat, or add mustard or any other thin veggie. They can also be made with bread instead of tortillas. They're pretty versatile.] Top with the second tortilla, cream cheese side down. Use a large plate or other flat item to press down, to slightly flatten the 'sandwich'.
Then, gather three circle shaped cookie cutters in graduated sizes.

Use the cookie cutters to cut three different sizes of circles out of the 'sandwich'. Two ten inch round tortillas can make three pigs, if laid out carefully.

Place circles in a stack, off center from each other, to form the main body, the head, and the snout.
Using the scraps, cut two small triangles and tuck into the head for ears.
With edible food markers or decorating gel you can draw in the details. Eyes, nostrills, a crooked smile, and a curly piggy tail complete your cute little piggy.
If you're concerned about the pig layers shifting during transport, you can use a toothpick carefully pushed through the snout to hold them together. If you prefer, you can use dried seaweed or little bits of veggies to make the face details instead of decorating gel/food markers, but the gels just go faster in my experience. No tiny bits to fiddle around with.
Also, after putting everything together I was a little concerned about the possibility of the Jello shifting and spilling out of the cups, so I wound up switching it to a Solo cup with a lid instead of the open silicone cup. When the Jello is poured into the silicone cups to set it holds just fine with no spilling, but with these I had poured the Jello into a larger bowl to set and then scooped it out for these cups. Much less secure that way and it made me nervous. So, under a lid it went!

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