Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pretty eggs!

Now that the chickens are finally laying, we are getting a whole lot of eggs! This? Is three days worth. I'm not certain how many of our 8 chickens are laying yet, but I think at least 5, if not more. Within three days we have 18 eggs. Good thing we love eggs here! I love the variety of colors the chickens give us. I think the speckled ones are the prettiest.

This morning I was seriously dragging. It was just a no energy kind of day. I managed to pull myself out of bed at 6:45 to see Brick and G-man off to school (both elected to get lunch at school today instead of taking theirs. I have to admit to a bit of relief there. Putting together two lunches at 7am, one of which would be for the World's Pickiest Kid, was definitely not on my list of abilities this morning) and then put together lunches for Princess and Bean before waking them for school. I think I was pretty much sleepwalking through the morning, but luckily I was lucid enough to put some stuff in boxes for them to eat. Don't be too impressed though. I'm pretty sure I fed them Pop Tarts for breakfast.

Princess took an Easy Lunchbox packed with an orange Jello with a mandarin orange inside. Also included is a small tub of homemade spinach dip with sourdough baguette slices and celery, rolled up turkey secured with princess crown picks, and butterfly apple slices.

Bean has the same lunch, packed into a two section container that I picked up last summer, I think at K-Mart.

I always get a little bit of a happy thrill when I pick them up from school and they tell me they loved their lunches. Today was definitely one of those days! They are both big fans of spinach dip with sourdough. Princess told me that every day the lunch aides walk by her table and stop to admire her lunches and tell her how great they look. She said they tell her that hers are the best lunches they have ever seen. Thank you for the ego boost! Also, this afternoon Bean said that the vice-principal walked past her table, did a double-take on her lunch, and then told her that it was really great to see such a healthy lunch and gave her a high-five for it. Kind of like being singled out by a rock-star when the VP tells you you're awesome. Bean was very much impressed.

The butterfly apples were super easy. Just like the bear apple rings from Beaker's lunch a week or two ago, cut the apples into slices (I used a chef's mandolin for easy evenly cut slices) and then cut the core out with a small cookie cutter. Took about the same amount of time as cutting them into wedges.

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