Thursday, September 27, 2012

SSDD - Same Stuff, Different Dishes

These are two different container sets, but hold very similar foods and amounts.
Princess has her lunch in a set of four boxes I bought together at a store in the mall. It's a Hello Kitty nesting bento box set ~ very cute, and perfect for lunches! Because it's four differently sized small boxes instead of one big box it can fit into an oddly shaped lunch bag, which is a nice sometimes because it allows us to use the tall vertical bag.
Princess has a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with a white bread apple cut into the middle with chocolate graham pieces tucked in to the largest container. The next size container has red grapes and a half banana with a Hello Kitty sticker decoration. The third size container has Cheez Its and a Hello Kitty fruit snack pack. The smallest dish has yogurt with a little pinch of sprinkles.

Stickers, temporary tattoos, and edible markers on bananas are easy and quick ways to add a little decoration to a lunch.

 Making the cut out sandwiches is easy. Just cut a piece of bread with a cookie cutter and use the same cutter on a differently colored piece of bread. This would have worked better with a darker whole wheat base. The bigger the difference in color between the two breads, the better the cut-out stands out.

Tower o' Bento!

Bean's lunch is the same ingredients in a Sistema Klip It To Go Cube. In the large section she has a sandwich, chocolate grahams, and a pack of Hello Kitty fruit snacks. In the divided smaller section she has red grapes, banana chunks in a star shaped silicone baking cup, yogurt with a pinch of sprinkles in a Solo cup, and Cheez Its.

I love stickers and silicone cups. They're such an easy way to add a little spot of color!

Bean's apple sandwich, opposite colors of the sandwich for Princess.
I really need to re-organize all of my bento stuff. It's starting to take over the kitchen again. Too little cabinet space, too much stuff!

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