Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breakfast is happy to see you!

Well, dinner, but it was breakfast-for-dinner night.

I bought the cutest, most squee-elicting pan the other day. It's a non-stick griddle pan which makes silver dollar sized pancakes with smiley faces. Can't stand the cute!

My kids were thrilled. For dinner I made happy smiling chocolate chip pancakes with happy smiling fried eggs. They ate every scrap and declared the smiley faces too cute for words. I think this weekend we may give the pan a shot for grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is the pan I bought, but I bought it at Costco and paid way less than that. I bought it for under $20. It was a little bit of a pain to flip the pancakes, and the griddle cooked them much faster than I thought it would, causing them to overcook slightly as I adjusted to the cooking speed, but it should be much easier once I work the kinks out. Using a fork to flip the pancakes worked out much better than a spatula. You also have to be very careful to only use a small amount of batter, so that it doesn't spill over.

Things have been busy here! Dude and I are both in school ourselves, and the new term began on Monday, so we've been adjusting to the new schedule and keeping busy. Plus we've had some issues with uploading pictures, so I didn't get a post up on Monday or Tuesday yet. So here they are! Two days worth of lunches.

Bean and Princess had identical lunches both days, so just one shot of each.

For Monday:

Raspberries and green grapes, yogurt covered pretzels, tortellini salad, pretzels, and heart shaped frozen yogurt.

For Tuesday:

Homemade Lunchables! Kiwi chunks and flower shaped apple rings with bits of apple 'stamin' in the center, peach yogurt with sprinkles (I put a strip of Press-N-Seal over the yogurt and it stayed in place perfectly), Ritz crackers with flower shaped cheese and turkey bologna, with two little chocolate bars for dessert.

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  1. Cute pancakes! And i love those pans. We have one that makes animal pancakes :)


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