Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Dalek-table Lunch

Did you know that today is a palindrome? Well, it is! The date, in standard US format, is 3-13-13, or 31313, which is the same read front or back. Nifty! In fact, all of the 'teen' days this March are palindromes.

In honor of that geeky little factoid, and for just because, G-man requested a Doctor Who lunch for today. More specifically, he wanted a Dalek. The real challenge is that G is super picky due to food aversions and sensory issues, and his school is nut-free so his standard home meal of peanut butter is out. This is what I came up with:

He has a Dalek-ish Sunbutter and honey sandwich on whole wheat white bread. I used honey roasted sunflower seeds and sesame sticks for the accents, with a pretzel stick for the plunger-arm and a Sunburst candy coated sunflower seed for the red light 'eye', all stuck to the bread with a little bit of honey. The 'backdrop' is just the heel of the bread, for a little color contrast.

His Dalek is festively dressed for St. Patrick's Day!

G also has green grapes and blackberries, CheezIt snack mix, Pirate's Booty, and two chocolate gold coins.

I placed a couple of napkins inside to keep everything inside from shifting around, and then used dry erase marker on the Easy Lunchbox lid to sketch out a quick picture for him. 

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  1. Definately Dalektable, so fun!

  2. Love it!! My girls is wanting a week of Doctor Who lunches...I'm going to have to copy!

  3. Super cute! Just getting caught up from vacation but I wanted to thank you for linking this at Bento Blog Network.


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